24/7 Answering Service

One of the most important factors for patients when deciding on a practitioner is the accessibility of their doctor. Patients want to know how quickly they can receive care when they need it, even when that might be outside regular business hours. Unfortunately, it is not reasonable for patients to expect their personal doctor to be on-call at all times. However, with RemedyOnCall, physicians can be there for their patients even when off the clock, making generic answering services a thing of the past. 

Now, there’s no need to contract with yet another company to provide after-hours support. As part of your one-stop solution, Remedy Connect offers a customized after-hours answering service in addition to helping you establish an online presence. This way, we can give you and your patients the peace of mind you both deserve.

ROC-Home-Page.pngYour Practice, Your Doctors, Your Way

We know that providing the best possible care to patients is your top priority. Our service allows you to choose how you’d like to interact and engage with your patients after hours. In addition to standard call-backs, we can also customize choices to include email and texting. All of our services are fully customizable to your exact specifications so you have control over what mediums you choose to interact with your patients on. Based on your clientele and preferences, we’ll provide exactly what you need to stay in touch with your patients after hours. Our services are available 24/7 and 365 days a year; just what the doctor ordered.

Meet & Exceed Expectations

In addition to highly-trained live agents to represent your doctors, we employ best practices in customer service that are easy-to-use, HIPAA compliant, and compatible with your EMR/business software. This way, you always know your patients are speaking with compassionate, empathetic representatives dedicated to caring for their needs. Add to that our set procedures, physician privacy protections, and interpersonal contact, and you’ll see patient satisfaction soar.

Answering Service

We have answered over a million calls since we launched our answering service. Elevate your quality of care while reducing costs with RemedyConnect.

Secure Messaging

We have 2-step validation process to ensure security. Providers can receive messages securely, call back patients while masking their phone number and forward the message to another provider in the call group.

Remedy Messenger

Our revolutionary medical paging system, Remedy Messenger, allows your patients to page your on-call provider or triage nurse simply and quickly from your website or mobile app.

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