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We have answered over 1,200,000 calls!

Elevate your quality while reducing cost. RemedyOnCall was created by physicians, for physicians.

Let us be your virtual receptionist. We can answer your calls 24/7/365 with live agents based in the U.S.

When patients or parents need help after hours, the person they connect with becomes a direct extension (and reflection) of your practice. RemedyOnCall offers several options to help you feel confident in offering professional, compassionate care around the clock.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a large multi-specialty clinic, our proprietary After Hours answering service software has a robust rules engine that allows remarkable customization to adapt to your daily workflow.

Who Are We

RemedyOnCall is a subsidiary of RemedyConnect. We have specialized in helping pediatricians connect with their patients since 2002. Each customer service agent is trained to ensure quality service for our clients.

RemedyOnCall revolutionizes patient-to-provider communication and reduces errors. Practices can pre-insert and update provider preferences so agents are moved efficiently and expertly through each call. Our system was designed by physicians who understand the specific needs of patients and providers and includes added benefits such as:

  • 97% Retention Rate of Clients
  • Proprietary Software
  • Secure Messaging through Mobile App
    • Mask phone number for privacy, call a patient from the mobile app with one click
    • Securely forward a message to another provide
  • Customized Notifications
  • 24/7 Live Agents, based in the US
  • Online Roster (ability to update in real time)
  • Call History with the option to listen to calls online
  • Page My Doctor (Digital Option for Website)

Answering Service Software

With RemedyOnCall’s proprietary answering service software, you can not only enjoy secure messaging, forwarding, and a masked phone number, but you will also have access to a full call history with the ability to listen to recorded calls. You never need to worry that your valued patients aren’t getting the outstanding service they expect when your team is away.

Live Operators, 24/7

No one has a calendar for when medical needs arise. With our 24/7 live agents though, your patients don’t need to turn elsewhere for support when your office is closed. Our team of live agents is 100% based in the U.S. and will seamlessly provide support on behalf of your practice. Your patients will receive the exact same level of care and compassion as if they spoke to someone sitting in your office. Better yet, we will follow your workflows and procedures so that staff can pick up right where our operators leave off.

HIPAA Secure Mobile App

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Facial recognition, finger print or pin enabled two-step validation
  • Call client back anonymously with one click
  • Start a Telehealth Visit with one click


Save even more with our medical answering service from your website or app, Remedy Messenger.

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