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Our revolutionary digital answering service, Remedy Messenger, allows your patients to message your on-call provider or triage nurse simply and quickly from your website or mobile app. This digital service limits costly live agent minutes and could save you up to 50 percent on each after-hours message. 

In combination with content on your medical website, practitioners who use this service often report a decrease in the number of phone calls they receive on off hours.

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Full Service Approach

As part of our all-in-one, full-service approach, RemedyOnCall offers completely customized call center support, allowing you to choose how to engage with your patients.

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Remedy Messenger, Medical Paging System

The complexity of a question determines the appropriate mode of communication. Scheduling questions are solvable through text while medical concerns may warrant a phone call.  With a medical paging system, patients can alert their doctor in a few seconds, saving physician and patient time. Providers determine what messaging method—voicemail, text, or email—they select. Call center employees can also relay pages through the phone. All messages can be addressed or forwarded to the correct point person or on call doctor. 

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Remedy Messenger Features

Message Storage

Alerts will remain in the Remedy Messenger system until they are addressed, guaranteeing no page goes unanswered.The user-friendly display shows providers their check list of response items, so they can easily manage their message box and get back to patients in a timely fashion. 

Escalation Management 

If a message goes unanswered, RemedyConnect's Remedy Messenger system can move the message to another staff member. Also, a digital scheduler tracks who is on-the-clock or who is on-call, so alerts are only sent to working staff in the delivery method they prefer.


A live dashboard displays real-time alert activities, including when a message was received. With the Remedy Messenger system, schedulers can input who is working and who is on call so messages are directed to the correct person. Messages will never pester clinicians and nurses during their time off. 


Remedy Messenger is HIPAA compliant. Only Remedy Messenger team members can access and view encrypted messages sent on the platform, so healthcare providers can communicate without worry. Plus, alerts can be scrubbed remotely to further enhance security.  

Medical Paging System Features

  • Message forwarding gives staff the ability to move messages along to the right team member.
  • Doctors can arrange to be contacted in whatever way they prefer, such as HIPAA secure mobile app , HIPAA secure email, pager, text or even a phone call.
  • All messages are also stored in an additional dashboard.
  • Fully HIPAA compliant. 
  • Easy to enter OnCall Rosters. 
    • Have two people on call at once.
    • Enter a separate roster for hospital and newborn rounding.
    • Decide if newborns go to the OCP or PCP. 

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