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Web Design for Medical Practices — 3 Things to Keep in Mind

2/18/2022 2:55:42 PM | 0 comments

How can you ensure that people visiting your website stay on to use your healthcare services? While there are many factors that you should pay attention to, here are 3 things to keep in mind when creating web design for medical practices.

3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Medical Website Design Company

1/27/2022 11:54:54 AM | 0 comments

Hiring a medical website design company can have a major impact on your medical practice, good or bad. Here are three things to consider before deciding on a medical website design company to ensure they have a positive impact on your medical practice.

Mobile Website Design for Doctors

12/13/2021 2:53:00 PM | 0 comments

A robust website design is a great introduction to a healthcare practice. See why a good mobile website design for doctors should prioritize high page speeds, intutive navigation, and other features that make your current and prospective patient's experience as smooth as possible.

How Telehealth in Healthcare Helps Patients and Doctors

11/30/2021 12:43:54 PM | 0 comments

Using telehealth in healthcare has many advantages such as a stronger doctor-patient relationship, flexibility, continuity of care, and more. See how telehealth is used in healthcare to deliver quality service.

How Pediatricians Can Empower Parents With Knowledge & Tools

11/29/2021 2:52:04 PM | 0 comments

See how offering resources such as a covid symptom checker enables pediatric practices to empower patients and their families with knowledge and information. 

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