The Advantages of Remedy TeleHealth

The rise in popularity of telemedicine has ushered in a change in how medicine and care is received. It has become more important than ever before for doctors and their practices to stay on the cutting edge of medical care and bridge the gap between technology and treatment. Telemedicine offers the impact of face-to-face interactions and safety of maintaining social distancing guidelines for doctors and patients alike, making it a must-have for practices. RemedyConnect’s telemedicine initiative Remedy TeleHealth is a breakthrough software to bring practitioners and their patients closer and more connected than ever before.

Efficient Care a Click Away

Remedy TeleHealth does telemedicine differently. No being chained to a clunky desktop and monitor. Instead, Remedy TeleHealth offers the flexibility of mobile, allowing patients and clinicians the ability to conduct visits anytime, anywhere. Not only that, but the Remedy TeleHealth software does not require an app for patients or parents to download. This keeps the process simple, saving time and headaches. It allows for easily accessible virtual visits without time-consuming technology issues or forcing patients or their families to jump through hoops to receive the care they need. 

Streamline Your Care

By employing our software, you will be harnessing the power of superior video technology that is continually correcting itself through artificial intelligence. We partner with the biggest names in the tech industry to bring you reliable and secure video quality. But, we don’t stop there; we have also partnered with Google to offer accurate medical dictation. This speech-to-text technology simplifies and speeds up the documentation process, saving time and money. You will also have access to ICD-10 and billing codes right on-hand. This makes secure billing transfers possible through the software, streamlining your entire after-care system. 

After-hours calls and visits have always been somewhat of a headache because of their grey area when it comes to billing and insurance. Through Remedy TeleHealth however, you can be there for your patients whenever they need you without needing to worry about billing. Our software comes equipped with the ability to convert after-hours calls into an actual billable telehealth visit in a matter of seconds, ensuring you will always be compensated for your time spent giving care. 

Make RemedyConnect Part of Your Care Team

RemedyConnect has been in the business of helping doctors and their practices provide top quality care to patients and their families for over twenty years. We are a team of medical professionals and digital marketing experts with a desire to simplify the healthcare experience through technology. With the introduction of our breakthrough telemedicine software, we have fully integrated our services to offer web services, after-hours answering, top notch medical content and telehealth for your practice. This allows physicians to bring their office with them wherever they go, providing efficiency and convenience to workflows. Make Remedy TeleHealth a part of your healthcare initiative and have the tools you need to run your practice at the palm of your hand. 

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