Digital Marketing Strategies for Doctors

With a competitive market and overlapping service offerings, doctors and medical professionals have to find innovative ways to reach potential new patients in their communities. For a practice to thrive and grow, it needs a steady stream of new and returning patients. Back before the internet, doctors relied heavily on word of mouth and referrals from past patients to reach new people. While effective, it is limited by the number of people in the patients' circle and is impossible to track. Nowadays, medical practices are harnessing the power of Google and other search platforms and adopting new digital marketing strategies to extend their reach and make new connections with potential patients. 

Harnessing the Power of Search Engines

When it comes to an industry like medicine, you and your practice’s reputation means everything. With a range of doctors and practices to choose from, people searching for a new provider for themselves or their family are not going to make a decision lightly. They want to have a solid understanding of your practice, its philosophies and what past patients have had to say about their experiences before even considering calling to schedule an appointment. The basis of this research is to start building trust between the patient and the provider. 

We want to work towards ensuring that when someone searches, say a pediatrician in Chicago, they are shown your practice, along with reviews and star rankings from past patients. Online reviews are the new word of mouth. You may know and believe that you are the best pediatrician in Chicago; however, should a past or existing patient leave a glowing review of your practice saying 'you’re the best pediatrician in Chicago', that would hold much more weight to a researcher. An unbiased source endorsing your practice adds credibility and authority to your claim. 

A great way for practices to grow and thrive is by ensuring that they have a consistent stream of new, positive reviews for searchers to find. At RemedyConnect, we have a service that does just this. Review Builder will help add to your bank of online reviews and overtime increase your star rating. 

However, reviews are still only one piece of the puzzle. SEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing strategy that involves the practice of optimizing websites to rank higher on search engines. Before people can even begin to look at your reviews, they have to find you first. This is where SEO comes in. Through SEO analysis, you want to identify keywords that relate to both your practice and what someone might be searching for. People tend to have pretty short attention spans when they search for things online, which means they likely won’t go beyond the first page or two to find what they’re looking for. 

The goal of SEO is to rank as high as possible on search results to earn a coveted spot on the first page of search engines. To us, SEO isn’t a 'set it and forget it' kind of tool. We use a range of active SEO techniques to help optimize your practice or organization’s website for search engines; that means the job is never quite done for us. Google is constantly changing how it operates and ranks websites. By engaging in active SEO, we stay on top of the latest, most relevant improvements to your keyword use and web presence. 

All-In-One Digital Marketing for Doctors 

RemedyConnect has been working with medical practices for years to help drive new growth and enhance patient experiences through proven digital marketing strategies and web services. We are a team of medical professionals and digital marketing experts with a desire to simplify the healthcare experience through technology. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive service to improve your practice’s online presence and ultimately, grow your business. Learn more about our fully integrated service offerings including: web services, after-hours answering, top notch medical content and telehealth for your practice.


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