5 Ways to Keep Your Medical Website Fresh

With summer upon us, it’s the season when fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundance. With a pitcher of summer lemonade in mind, here’s some advice for keeping your website just as fresh.


Google and other search engines partly rank a page by how “fresh” it is, looking at when it was created and when it was last updated. Basically, every page on the web is date and time stamped, and its value in search rankings goes down the older it gets. So every business needs to review and update their website on a routine basis.


Adding or updating the content on your website will cause Google’s robot crawlers to revisit your site and could possibly give you a higher ranking based on what it finds. But you don’t need to do an entire overhaul and redesign of your website to get these benefits. Here are 5 small ways RemedyConnect can help give medical websites a refresh:


  1. Integrate social media
    Search engines love social media. If you have a Facebook page or Twitter handle, you can add in a live section that automatically shows the most recent posts within your existing website. For example, see the Facebook profile integrated into the bottom of RemedyConnect’s page here.

  2. Blog
    Just like this blog article will draw in search traffic, writing blog content can drive traffic for your practice. Blogging on a regular basis throughout the year can ensure that Google always sees your website as current and relevant.

  3. Add News Highlights
    A news section of your website can showcase new hires, recent press mentions, awards won, speaking engagements, and events that your practice members are participating in.

  4. Update Alerts to “What’s Going Around”
    Keep your community up to date on what kind of “bugs” are popping up in town. An alert on the flu or seasonal allergies can make you a top local resource when patients are searching their symptoms online.

  5. Add Patient Reviews
    Positive patient comments are one of the best forms of local marketing. If you collect satisfaction surveys or comment cards, get those endorsements online! You can have a single page full of quotes about the practice in general or spread the testimonials across individual physician profiles.


These are just five suggestions, but the ways you can freshen up your website are almost limitless. For personalized suggestions and help from our website experts, contact RemedyConnect today.


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