Medical Website Capabilities in 2021

As a medical care provider in 2021, you need more than just a good team of staff and a strong reputation for your practice to thrive. Your practice must have an online extension of its office in the form of a medical website. On your practice’s website, a visitor should be able to get a full understanding of your practice, its providers, and what steps they should be taking to schedule an appointment. In addition, there should be content available for existing patients, as well as potential patients. Taking care of your existing patient roster will ensure your practice can retain patients and eventually thrive. Ensuring your site is both user-friendly and useful to your patients is vital to overall patient satisfaction.

Information on Your Practice & Providers Readily Available 

Your website should be a central hub for information on your practice. On your site, a potential new patient should be able to find contact information, such as: phone and fax numbers, office hours, and the address of your practice. In addition, if your office offers any after hours care, there should be information on your practice’s particular protocols regarding contacting you and your fellow on-call providers after regular business hours in the event of a medical emergency. 

Besides contact information, it can be helpful to include information on your providers and practice for visitors to get a better understanding of your practice’s personality and philosophies. Include pictures of your practice and providers, so potential patients can become familiar with your practice before even stepping through the door. 

Medical Information Accessibility

Part of caring for your patients is ensuring they have access to accurate medical information and advice even when outside of your examination room. Your website should include medical information related to your practice’s particular specialty, whether that be gynecology, pediatrics, or ENT. With a plethora of conflicting information online, your practice’s website can become a first-stop for patients to receive credible medical information. Through patient education programs on your site, patients can find information on their own, potentially saving them from a costly after hours visit to urgent care or the emergency room. 

Telehealth Capabilities

Though the pandemic has waned in the United States and the vaccinated are able to meet in-person safely again, telehealth has proved to become an extremely effective tool for medical providers. Your medical website should have telehealth capabilities, or at the very least, link to your practice’s telehealth software. By including telehealth software on your site, such as RemedyTelehealth, patients do not need to download any special programming to attend their telehealth appointment. 

Are You Ready to Update Your Website?

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