Latest Advancements in Telehealth Software

Though telemedicine software has been around for a long time, it really didn’t popularize into mainstream medical care until the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020. When the pandemic forced many of us to move everyday interactions online, telemedicine software became the only way certain medical care could safely be administered. However, either because of lack of interest or innovation, many of the telemedicine platforms that existed at the time were woefully inadequate and continued outdated technology that was not compatible with how we currently interact with one another online.  

Though the pandemic has thankfully waned, the utilization of telehealth for routine medical care does not seem to be going anywhere. If providers wish to continue to fully integrate telemedicine into their care procedures, they will need software that meets the needs of modern-day expectations by utilizing the latest technology. RemedyTelehealth harnesses the latest technology to provide a streamlined telehealth experience for both patients and providers. 



A simple but extremely useful feature, RemedyTelehealth includes a speech-to-text component that allows providers to easily document any virtual visit with speech-to-text dictation software. Providers can efficiently document visits by simply speaking, rather than taking the time to type out notes. The software also includes features for quick ICD-10 code retrieval, secure medical and billing transfer, and online resources to make after-care instructions easier than ever. 

Billable After Hours Visits

In the past, one of the biggest headaches of virtual visits and after hours care was the confusion of how to bill visits to the patient and insurance. RemedyTelehealth allows for providers to easily convert an after-hours call with a remote patient into a billable visit in a matter of seconds. 

Smart Video

Online video technology has greatly improved in recent years. In fact, the latest telehealth software offers state-of-the-art smart video technology that automatically corrects itself using artificial intelligence. With smart video, providers can have real-time consultations with patients using HIPAA compliant video conferencing software. 

Go Mobile

One of the best benefits of RemedyTelehealth is that it allows providers to take their office anywhere. Compatible with both mobile and desktop, providers can make any on-call visit into a billable appointment in a matter of seconds. The practice management software built into the program makes seeing patients on and off the clock easier than ever before. Patients can wait in the virtual waiting room until you are ready to see them. Then once the visit has concluded, whether from home or in-office, providers can easily dictate notes. In essence, providers can experience the same ease-of-use they already enjoy when speaking with friends and family. 

Get Started Today

Are you ready to ditch the same old telehealth software your practice has been using for years? RemedyTelehealth offers the best of both worlds with the convenience of mobile and the security of a HIPAA compliant medical program. With no app to download, your patients won't have extra hoops to jump through to get the medical care they need. Schedule a demo with one of our team members or give us a call to learn more about RemedyConnect’s innovative telehealth technology.  

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