How easy is it to make changes to your own site?

Pretty easy….your website runs with the help of some intricate software that delivers all of the content (text, pictures, images, etc.) to the right device at the right time. This Content Management System (CMS) by Kentico is at the heart of the type of experience that your patients or clients will have. We spent a lot of time researching and choosing the right CMS software that will provide a great user experience, but also be simple for a staff member to make updates and deletions to your site….but we went one step further, adding our own step-by-step interface.  

What can I edit/add/change? 

Your website will be categorized into separate pages (documents). Once you locate the page you want to work on (e.g. Dr. Brown’s Biography), you can delete his current photo, upload another and update text just as you would do with a Word document. Regretfully, Dr. Brown’s grey hair can’t be fixed with the CMS… 


How long will it take to develop my new website?

It depends on how much time you or your staff have to give to the project. Some practices can get it done in 6 to 8 weeks while others will take more than 6 months because they can’t find the time to select and submit critical images or text. We create your custom website in a four step process:

  1. DISCOVER – Your designer will learn about your organization/practice and what your color and style preferences are. Now is the time to share websites with her that you really like.
  2. DESIGN – About 2 weeks later, your designer will present you with 2 mock-ups of your home page for you to consider.
  3. DEVELOP – The designer will begin to implement the code that will layout the style, colors and expression of your website. You will be asked to supply photos, images, logos and text for the site. If you have limited time or personnel, we would be happy to compose the text under your direction. Additional fees may apply.  
  4. DELIVER – At this stage, we run some quality control steps to make sure your site is accurate and complete. We’ll ask you to carefully go over your site too. 

Can our existing website still be up while you create our new site? 

When your site is ready to be published live to the internet, we’ll re-direct your domain address (URL) to the new site.

Do we own the domain?

We strongly recommend that you own your own domains. We’ve seen situations where organizations have relied on a solo web developer to get the domain and then that developer refuses to hand over the domain without a substantial fee.  We can advise you on how to  get your new domain if you need assistance. 

Can you help me with my Facebook page? 

Sure…we’d be happy to help you set up your Facebook page and link it, and other social media, to your website. 

Ready to try something new?

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