Absolutely happy with RemedyConnect and the team. They helped us with the website for our new and the 1st ever clinic. The team made the process really easy, calculated, and seamless. Not only that they accommodated our timelines, in fact we ended up going live 2 weeks prior to the date we had originally intended and the team was very quick and ensuring the website will be up in time. Additionally, they responded to our feedback very well and incorporated it very beautifully. Really loved the personal touch, quality, and the resources they provided us with. Bottom line is that they are simply the best!!!! Would never hesitate to use them again. Highly Recommended!! Usman R , 12/19/2022

Rebecca held my hand and led me through the process of building a wonderful website! She showed so much patience and always had just the right alternative to add to my site when I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. The whole team was a pleasure to work with and I reccomend their services to anyone! Thank you! Bethany L , 10/14/2022

Their entire team helped shape a great looking, well functioning, modern website that is sure to draw a lot of attention. Thanks to everyone at RemedyConnect! David J , 5/17/2022

We just finished designing our new website with Remedy Connect and had the BEST experience! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, creative and a pleasure to work with. All Remedy Connect websites are custom designed to fit your practice unique needs. We are absolutely thrilled to show off our fabulous new website to our existing patients and potential new patients. If you are in the market for a new website, look no further than Remedy Connect. We highly recommend their services. Pediatric H , 2/10/2022

Everyone at Remedy Connect is so helpful, so nice and so patient. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. They work so hard for the client. Angela A , 1/26/2022

We worked with a great team to help with our new website and love what they did with our site! Carolyn H , 7/14/2021

We selected Remedy Connect to help us build our new company website. Rebecca, Aimee & Graham provided exceptional customer service and were very accommodating with our requests (and quite patient too). Their pricing was very competitive and they produced exactly what we were looking for in a website.Not only did they take the time to get to know us, they really keyed in our companies needs and were easily able to tailor a package that fit within our budget & future needs. I highly recommend Remedy Connect for any business marketing or service needs - they knocked it out of the park!!! Brittan H , 6/23/2021

We have been working with Remedy Connect for over 10 years. During that time, we have redesigned our website 3 times as we moved to the most up-to-date platform. Each time, the project is a success due to the many efforts of their entire team. The C , 5/24/2021

Remedy Connect did an amazing job on our new website! They were always quick to respond to questions, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful with content and suggestions. The process was clearly laid out, and we were even able to launch early. I would recommend Remedy Connect to any business in need of a custom, professional website. Woodhaven P , 5/6/2021

Excellent service. We used them to upgrade our older/outdated website and the process was simple, fast, and very well done. We are now starting the process of working on google optimization. Very excited to work with them! Justin B , 3/16/2021

We have been with Remedy Connect for years. Everyone is always so helpful. We recently updated our website and everyone I worked with was great. Our parents are pleased and what they helped put together is awesome. I highly recommend. Debbie B , 11/23/2020

So happy with our new website. Everyone we have worked with has been helpful and professional. Definitely recommend Remedy Connect! Columbus P , 6/24/2020

Our new website is just what I hoped it would be-- visually appealing, clear, and easy to use. Remedy Connect delivered a great product, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them. Laura W , 6/14/2020

For years Remedy Connect has been our website developer. They have been absolutely fantastic with their designs, quick response for support, and great people to work with! We couldn't be happier with their services! Kimberly G , 5/26/2020

I cannot say enough good things about the information on "Is your Child Sick?". I have all my patients download the Your Practice App to access this information and it has saved my professional Life! I have 7000 active patients and I rarely get after hours phone calls because my patients have this app with all the health information on their phones readily at hand. They know they will get more information from this format than I can ever give them over the phone, so they don't bother calling me! It has been the BEST investment I have ever made, and my patients LOVE having it. In the office, I refer them to the website to get information on the illnesses I have diagnosed in their children, and they really appreciate the detailed, easy to understand information there. Saves me a lot of explaining! Thank you for providing this service, it has been a Godsend! Stephen A Schulman MD , 8/1/2019

barb p , 2/26/2019

After working with RemedyConnect team to design our practices' new website, Graham Daugherty has been my POC for questions, problems, guidance and tutorial. He is beyond patient, very professional, easy going and extremely helpful! Debbie M , 5/21/2018

The thought of building a new website was overwhelming. Luckily we chose Remedy Connect to build our site and guide us though the process. The staff at Remedy Connect made this overwhelming task enjoyable. I am so pleased with our new website and would recommend them to anyone in need of a new website for their practice! Thank you Remedy Connect! Katie Gill, Practice Manager Brentwood Pediatrics Katie K , 5/10/2018

RemedyConnect help me build our brand new website. The entire process was very simple and user friendly to navigate. I appreciate the support that was given from day one anytime I had questions. We have had so many positive reviews from our patients. THANK YOU from Hometown Pediatrics. Mandy Arterburn, Office Manager Mandy A , 8/4/2017

Marco C , 7/6/2017

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