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Design Trends That Can Help Achieve 2018 Business Objectives

A new year is a good time to take a look at your website design and how it impacts performance metrics that drive visits, like search engine rankings and new appointment inquiries. Here are six trends for websites in 2018 that physicians should pay attention to due to their possible impact on the practice:

Mobile First
Searches on mobile devices have now surpassed the number of searches on desktop computers, which means the tipping point for making sure your website is mobile-ready has come and passed. Google now has a “mobile-first” indexing strategy, which means the site included in search is always going to be the mobile version of your site. If your mobile site is limited or contains less than the desktop version, you are putting your business at a disadvantage.

Text headers on your website are still great for keywords to influence search engine rankings, as well as helpful for the user experience to guide them through the page. A new trend is to use interesting and unique fonts to highlight and style your headlines to help create a branded impression.

Previously website design guidelines stated that it was best practice to keep pages short and important information “above the fold” at the top of each page. However, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media with a scrolling experience, users now enjoy longer pages and will scroll if the information is engaging.

Sticky Menus
If you have a scrolling page, it's important that your navigation menu stays with the user as they scroll down. The “sticky nav” helps the user more easily move between pages on the site and explore everything it has to offer.

Major websites like Google and Twitter have removed all their sharp corners and gone to curves in all their design elements. Although this is just an aesthetic, if your website its all squares while the rest of the internet is circles it can cause your business to look outdated.

Color and Contrast
Calls to action like setting appointments and gaining new patient referrals are the lifeblood of your business, and the purpose of your website is to convert people to take these actions. Be sure to use color and contrast to your advantage to draw attention to your most important information and the actions you want people to take.

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