Remedy Telehealth Plans:
Calculate the difference

What do you have to gain?

Enter your average reimbursement for a televisit and the number of televisits you expect to conduct...don't forget to include those after hour messages that can be converted to televisit with a single click in our Your Practice app. 


How much will it cost you?

Enterprise Plan 

Each provider pays a low monthly access fee. Practices are billed for actual number of minutes used in a month. Per minute rates get lower with the more minutes that are used.

To calculate your rate:

  1. Enter the number of telehealth minutes used in a month (an average visit uses 12 minutes of videoconferencing time).
  2. Select the corresponding rate level from the drop down list - the minute number listed is the maximum number of minutes at that rate level.
  3. Adjust the sliding scale for the number of providers in the practice 
  4. Your monthly cost will display in the blue box. 



Professional Plan


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