The Challenge for a Children's Hospital
Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, a part of the University Hospitals System, needed a pediatric-friendly web presence for its 26 pediatric practices in the Cleveland area. The platform needed to integrate seamlessly with the enterprise web platform that supported all of the University Hospitals. It required a permission-based content management system that allowed the University web team and executives to approve any website updates to assure quality control and compliance with the standards of the university system.

Our Solution 
In order to maintain the strict standards of a large hospital system, RemedyConnect worked with the University team to create a whimsical template that respected the University and Rainbow Babies brand but offered flexibility to highlight each of the 95+ pediatric providers in the network. RemedyConnect provided the following:
  • A kid-friendly template with specific sections that allowed providers to have flexible bios and videos while still containing a section that delivered content about Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.
  • An accessible database of content for parents which allows them to research what to do when their child is ill.
  • An enterprise content management system that interfaced seamlessly with the University platform. This content management system currently delivers web and mobile solutions for over 500 enterprise-level medical organizations including hospitals and physician networks.