Internal Medicine Websites

Spend your time with patients during the day. Let us spend time with them after hours. 

When you put the complete suite of engagement tools to work for your medical organization, you will provide your patients with valuable online resources after hours. Our leading-edge products and services let your patients easily and securely access your practice by web, mobile or live agents. That means your patients can take advantage of information, health resources and after-hours solutions from wherever they choose – connecting them to your expertise and strengthening their relationship with your practice.

Most importantly, RemedyConnect helps you find more ways and more time to provide exceptional care to your patients. We’ve been leaders in creating medical websites for more than 15 years and now that expertise is behind our leading-edge solutions for mobile apps, after-hours technology and more. 

Ask yourself this, if you expect your patients will get better care from you, an expert in adult care, why would you trust your medical website to a local website agency that does not specialize in internal medicine websites?

Your patients trust you. They should trust the content on your website. 

In a 2012 survey of over 2,500 patients, 93% said that they would prefer and trust content on their medical provider's website more than linking out to WebMD or another online resource. Our symtom checker, Are Your Sick? by Dr. David Thompson, offers peer-reviewed medical content that your patients can trust after hours. As a medical home, shouldn't you be doing all you can to keep your patients informed and healthy?