Networks and ACOs

The Challenge for Advocare Physicians
Advocare is changing the healthcare experience. This multi-specialty medical organization of 550 providers in over 200 locations leverages their collaborative business model to improve the patient experience and provide better access at the highest level possible. To meet these expectations, they needed a new web and mobile platform that unified their brand, centralized their services and met the digital needs of their patients and providers.

Our Solution 
Creating a corporate web presence with over 120 “child” websites requires a great deal of coordination….and a central knowledgebase where hundreds of Advocare employees can convene to learn how to manage and update their sites. RemedyConnect created the following:
  • A corporate intranet where Advocare executives, physicians and selected staff have permission-based access to projects, documents and online communication. Utilizing an agile philosophy in project management, Advocare staff can login and access training materials about their website, choose upgrades and edit their content.
  • A responsive web and mobile presence that focuses on the user interface, identifying critical functionality that needed to be “front and center” while moving secondary functions to less prominence in order to provide a clean, user-friendly experience.
  • A unified design template that clearly identifies the Advocare brand while offering each care center an opportunity to express their own individual specialty.
  • A customized mapping system with unique specialty icons that allows a user to immediately locate a specific type of doctor within an identified area.
  • Medical content for each primary care site in order to decrease unnecessary phone calls to the office and provide a central location where patients can access care information from the person the trust….their primary care provider.
  • A customized content management system that is easy to update