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Is Your Child Sick?TM

Written by Dr. Bart Schmitt, this online symptom checker contains over 125 articles that are updated and peer reviewed annually by pediatricians around the country. Parents have expressed a high level of satisfaction with this content and doctors have told us that parents have chosen their practice because this medical information was on their pediatric website. This content also includes articles about Breastfeeding, Teens, Medical Conditions, Newborns and Medication Dosages. 

Why should I have content on my pediatric website?

Why you should include content
on your website

When our founding physicians put a symptom checker on their website 17 year ago, little did they know that patients would be referring the site to their friends and relatives across the nation. Soon, they were getting calls from primary care physicians asking how they could get the Is Your Child Sick? and Are Your Sick? medical content for their own site. Subsequently, our company was born….

Medical content on your site is beneficial because:

1. It decreases phone calls In an online survey of 2,576 people who used Is Your Child Sick?, 62% said it saved them a phone call or a trip to their doctor’s office

2. Parents prefer to find content on their physician’s site In the same survey, 94% of respondents preferred to get this information from your website. Only 3% preferred to get the information from another online source

3. It’s important to your patients  93% of patients said it was very important to have a symptom checker on their doctor’s website
4. You are a medical home There are a lot of other care centers out there competing for your patients. Our experience shows that up to 53% of visits to your site can be attributed to your symptom checker. Give them numerous reasons to visit your site frequently. Your website should be your online medical home for your patients

5. It can improve your SEO  Google ranks websites that other people trust, and part of that ranking is based on whether other websites link to your site (backlinks). By creating a website with hundreds of pages (instead of just 10 to 15 pages), you give other sites more reasons to link to your site….giving your site a greater chance of accumulating backlinks

Kid Site Videos

KidSite Videos

Your young patients will love these animated videos which help kids learn about their illnesses and procedures. Our partner, Health Nuts Media, has collaborated with us to bring you engaging content about asthma, diabetes, URI’s, strep throat, and multiple medical procedures and surgeries.

Are You Sick?

Written by Dr. David Thompson, this online symptom checker answers many of the questions that your adult patients may have when they are ill. Family Practices and multi-specialty clinics can receive the adult and pediatric symptom checkers in our Essential Content Package.