Troubleshooting Tips:

Patient didn’t receive the text message? 
Check the following
  • Text messages are not blocked / patient allows text message from phone number 844-501-0084
  • Patient has good cell phone signal or is on wifi
  • Confirm the phone number entered into Remedy TeleHealth is correct - use the Edit Number feature to make any changes
Patient unable to connect to visit?
  • Check their cell signal strength / wifi
  • Try having them restart the visit by selecting the link from the text message
  • Make sure they are using a supported browser (Google, Safari, Firefox).
  • Copy / paste text message link into a supported browser on their cell phone.
  • Use the Copy URL button on the desktop version to copy the visit link information to your desktop clipboard. Then send the patient the visit information via email by pasting the visit link into the body of the email.
Poor connectivity?
  • Check the network quality indicator (nqi.png )- the most common cause of audio or video problems is poor signal quality. This is different then cell or wifi signal strength and relates to the amount of bandwidth on the device for the videoconference. 
  • If the network quality indicator is diplaying 1-2 bars the video feed will be replaced with a warning screen. The video will reconnect when the network quality reaches 3 bars or higher. The audio will continue.
  • To improve network quality try:
    • closing unneeded tabs in your browser or other open applications. 
    • using wifi (if available) instead of cell signal
    • if on wifi try moving closer to the router or boosting wifi signal from router
  • End visit and restart. Patient can use the original text message link to rejoin the call OR from their thank you page select the Resume Call box.
  • Low lighting or a strong backlight will contribute to poor video quality - try changing the lighting in the room

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