Web & Mobile

Mobile-First, Custom Websites

With a mobile-first approach at the forefront, RemedyConnect has been developing and designing custom websites for physicians for nearly 17 years.  Our success is attributable to the results we've been achieving for medical practices, including thousands of pediatricians, and to our founding physicians' philosophy. Like you, they have taken countless calls at night from anxious patients and parents. They wanted a way to leverage emerging technologies to help deliver seamless patient care, around the clock.  They hypothesized that attention-getting design would be important as well as having credible content that would create an online medical home for their patients…a place to go to when the office was closed. It decreased their after-hours calls and brought them many new patients. 

Their approach was simple: focus on the needs of the patient. Create a community or web hub, not a website.

This has lead RemedyConnect to deliver many innovations and to be a leader in providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), reputation management, social marketing and after-hours answering services for medical practices across the United States.  

RemedyConnect firsts:
  • put first sympton checker on a practice's website 
  • provide a semi-custom mobile app that mirrors your website
  • created the nation's first digital answering service 
RemedyConnect delivers:
  • an easy-to-use Content Management System, used by Fortune 500 companies, that helps to improve the search engine ranking of your website and enables seamless content updates
  • personalized website design sessions to create a unique and professional digital ecosystem (website, social media, patient portal, after hours) that maximizes performance and reflects the personality of your practice
  • peer reviewed pediatric content, adult education content, SEO, social marketing, reputation management, branding, hosting solutions and more
  • SSL security and HIPPA compliant online form capabilities

Manage Your Own Website

Through our easy-to-use dashboard, your medical organization will have access to make changes to your website.  You’ll also receive up to 4 hours of support services to have our staff assist you in updating your site.


Website Features

  • Mobile-first, Custom Website Design
  • Peer Reviewed Patient Education
  • Pediatric Content from Dr. Bart Schmitt
  • Adult Content from Dr. David Thompson
  • Content from the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • SSL Security
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Strategy & Creation
  • Embedded Video
  • News Alerts and Alert Notes
  • Provider & Practice Feedback
  • Blog Page
  • RSS Feed
  • HIPPA Compliant Form Capabilities
  • Newsletter Archive
  • Bulk E-mail Services
  • Photo Carousels
  • Google Analytics
  • Custom Animation
  • Mobile App that Mirrors Your Website
  • Mobile Website Hosting

Semi-Custom Mobile App

Today’s families are on the move. The Your Practice Mobile App brings your practice directly to them via phone or tablet so your resources are always at your parent’s fingertips.
We offer:
  • a semi-custom mobile app that mirrors the look and feel of your website
  • a strong, balanced brand that connects to patients however they reach out to you  
  • a mobile solution that allows patients, providers and staff members to securely communicate through one-to-one or one-to-many messages
  • sympton checker content is accessible even if your patients are not online