Ready to move forward and truly integrate your practice with your medical website and take patient care and communication to the next level? Make your website a hub for information and communication between patients and providers. For more than 19 years, RemedyConnect has been at the forefront of innovative medical marketing. We design medical websites, dental websites, individual doctor websites, and so much more. We’re ready to work with you personally to create something no one has: your vision of the perfect practice. We’ll provide a seamless transition, allowing you and your patients to move effortlessly between in-person and online interactions.

Responsive Website Design

First impressions can make all the difference. While good website design is essential to every business, it is doubly important to doctors like yourselves.

Semi Custom Mobile App

The RemedyConnect App provides instant accessibility to patients eager to schedule appointments, do research and engage with your practice, quickly and easily. All from a single app on their smartphone.

SEO & Findability

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is what allows potential patients to find your practice, based on keyword searches. We specialize in medical website findability.

Online Reputation

Your business is practicing good medicine. Our business is making certain we reach out and connect with patients through satisfaction surveys, while promoting the use of quality search engine optimization to grow your practice.

Patient Education

Imagine your website as your patients’ go-to resource when they have health-related questions, or need medical care. You’ll have access to an extensive library of information, on your site, curated by your peers and updated regularly.

Website Hosting

We’re not the new kids on the block. We’ve been designing and hosting medical websites for more than 18 years.

Ready to try something new?

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